"Stealth glow" is pretty annoying on Evelynn. Is there a way to make it togglable?

excuse my ignorance if there is already an option to turn it off I'm talking about this feature: Stealth off http://i.imgur.com/Sye9l2R.jpg Stealth on http://i.imgur.com/OCCRf5s.jpg I mean, it's a useful feature for camouflage abilities with short duration, but it feels like a big commitment for Evelynn to move to the pink world pretty much permanently EDIT: Okay, so apparently a lot of people don't know that Evelynn didn't have this feature before (unlike other stealth champions). Here, watch Faker play Evelynn on the previous patch https://youtu.be/_s8fPXNKdQg?t=190 (3:10 for example where he breaks stealth for the first time)
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