Is Taric Too Powerful As Support?

I honestly been playing Taric for a few days and personally I think Taric's kit is way too powerful compared to other supports. It just offers way too much. Taric has currently been a pick or ban situation for me. I really sat down to think about Taric's kit and this is what I came up with on why he's good and where other supports lack:   1) **He's Tanky. **This is a huge one. I'm not saying he shouldn't be a tank, but with the current skills he has I think that's why he's so powerful right now. For instance there's not much point in playing Sona when Taric can AoE heal + Link ally AoE heal his teammate too, all while still being nearly as tanky as a Leona. 2) **Armor Scaling.** Right now I think Bastion is possibly Taric's skill you want to max out first. The fact that you can just build full armor and scale with all while providing a bigger shield on your ally as you level up your Bastion is amazing. If you really wanted to you could just rush Guardian Angel against teams with split damage to get 60 MR/72 Armor with the ability to respawn after you die and it would still be a great buy. 3)** AoE Abilities and Team Fighting. **This is another big one. This probably wouldn't be such a big deal if he wasn't hard enough to kill already, but the fact is if the enemy team has a Taric you can bet they're pretty much just going to team fight nearly the entire game because no other support has the kit Taric has. You have a Stun that pretty much guarantees you'll stun a enemy or multiple enemies even if you don't know how to aim it good simply because it covers so much of the board with your Linked Ally in team fights. His Heal with Windspeaker + 3 stacks can be a game changer since he can easily heal his entire team at once. He'll rarely take much damage because of his constant shielding and def build. There's no ult in the game like Taric's ult. Even Kindred's ult is a poor version of it since Kindred's ability affect's enemies as well. 4)** Penta God mode.** There isn't much to say about this, but I don't see why Taric needs this ability when he already offers like the best protection in the game. 5) **Communication.** I feel this is a big one. I think after this new Taric catches on Dynamic Queue will be heavily dominated by Mic Communication Teams running Taric. Having the ability to make your entire team Invincible is one thing, but organizing when to attack before using Taric's ult through mic chat is a whole other ball game of unfair.   The problem is with all this balancing I don't think there's a simply number change solution. The problem is just his entire kit altogether, it's just _too_ good. As a over view I'll now look on the surface of some of the meta supports compared to Taric:   **Leona: ** She has amazing stuns and engage, but lacks in the department of heals. Since she has no heal she'll probably have a tough time laning against Taric due to his ability to shield himself and his ally, along with the ability to sustain with his heal. Late game Taric is a team power house too, while Leona feels more like a solo engage support that doesn't offer much other than peeling. **Alistar:** I used to always pick Alistar into a match when the enemy had the Old Taric. Simply because he is the most similar imo. Alistar has a heal and can peel for the team. Since Taric has a AoE stun and God mode Ult I feel Alistar is now not such an amazing pick since he will most likely just get instant stunned on engage and won't do much damage because of the tankiness, shields, and heals of Taric. **Blitzcrank/Thresh:** Blitzcrank lacks too much in sustain against Taric. Taric can also counter him easily by having his linked ally in the front of the lines with him so if either of them get pulled by Blitzcrank he can use his ult as the team fight breaks out. Thresh is similar, though I feel Blitzcrank will do better against Taric simply because of his burst damage compared to Thresh. **Sona/Soraka/Janna/Karma:** These champions are really good at poking and shielding/healing. The problem is late game they are nothing compared to Taric simply because of his tankiness. All these champions are really squishy. Taric not only has a shield ability and scales with armor, but a AoE heal as well.
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