@Riot Taric Rework

As we all know our beloved (bejeweled) support is getting a Sion level rework. When Sion was getting his rework he transformed into almost entirely new champion: - new lore, - new model, - VO, - skills... Thats because his old version was not matching his archetype as an undead death machine. He was just this herpy derpy, not so living, Arnoldy thing. But Riot not only created almost new champion but also keept the most iconic parts of his former self: - his axe, - W shield, - hp stacking, - lifesteal berserker mode via passive. All this combined together to what we often call "the best rework ever". Now about Taric.{{champion:44}} What bothers me the most is that, unlike Sion, his current version matches his paladin, knight, ge(m)omancer archetype quite well. Ofc his model is ugly (sorry Taric) and his lore sucks :D but all in all he is quite unique champion. He is the only fighter-support in game (imo he fits perfectly into juggernaut category - powerful, durable, immobile and melee). He grant his team powerful auras, can shred armor, keep one of last point-and-click cc in game, got double-edged heal. Also his character is one of the most unique - always calm, gentle, always by your side, but also in his voice you can hear some king of saddnes (his voice actor done great job). He is like an artist-knight-protector. Here is a list of thing that I find core for Taric: - character (Sion's character changed completely in his rework), - hammer and shield, - bejeweled heavy, plate armor. - heal, - armor aura, - stun of some kind, - aoe boost for his team, - armor scalings, - lack of mobility, - fighter (not a tank) gamestyle, - solo top and jungle potential :D. So here is my question, Riot: **What from this list you gonna keep in his rework?** Im not asking about his new kit, keep your secrets for yourself if you wish. Thanks for reading. I hope someone will answer me :D. Love, peace and Gems everyone {{champion:44}} .
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