How do you guys feel about LP or the Ranked system in general? Regardless of rank btw.

In my opinion, rank is something that should not define normal games, due to the fact that i will never play with good players in my life and will never get better. Rank should only matter in ranked games, because that is where winning is actually the objective, second to having fun. If i want to mess around in normal games, I don't care who I am against or who I am with. If I am "climbing" the ranked ladder, I would obviously not wish upon any Bronze jungler to be matched against a high Plat Lee Sin main with a 73% winrate. I think that the actual climbing part is totally legit, minus the fact that I can filled into a role i can't play and lose a 20:05 minute game for my team just so that queue times are shorter by 45 seconds. I am good with my rank, just not the fact that I cant play against people of different ranks. That's my opinion, what aboutyour's?

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