If this is a "team" game then give us back the TEAM gold

Seriously. This "1500" gold for a shutdown to one person is literally garbage Riot. Like i don't even know if you people know what are you doing. Are you just randomly asking people on the street for dumb ass shit ideas to implement in your game so you can get something? Give me ONE single good reason why is a shutdown gold for one person in a TEAM game a good thing? Imagine leona accidentally killing an enemy on a spree getting 1150 or whatever amount of gold for the shutdown is. Instead of that gold going to the carries, it goes to leona that doesn't need it as much as the carries need. Just get back the normal TEAM gold we had with the new gold system you want. 1150 split to 5 of us ( with the killer getting some more gold than the others of course ) so the entire team benefits from it.
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