Can Rek'Sai get a real passive?

"Rek'Sai generates fury with her basic attacks and spells while unburrowed While burrowed, Rek'Sai consumes fury to regenerate health" That is the description of her passive. It literally just describes how her W works. I mean shit, if that can be a passive here's a few more passives for the characters in the game. {{champion:89}} "While Eclipse is active, gain bonus armor and magic resist. This effect is extended if Eclipse deals damage to an enemy. Gain bonus range and magic damage on your next three attacks after casting Solar Flare." {{champion:42}} "Enemies hit by Phosphorus Bomb are briefly revealed. Enemies hit by Gatling Gun receive a penalty to their amor and magic resist." {{champion:13}} "Enemies marked by Spell Flux receive additional effects when hit by Ryze's subsequent spells. Overload can be ranked up an additional time, for a total of six ranks, while Realm Warp can only be ranked up twice." {{champion:421}} 's passive is far more of a joke than {{champion:127}}'s. At the very least hers is an actual effect in the game and not just a literal description of a spell in her kit.
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