What did Kayle rework accomplish ?

I was so pumped for her rework, I thought I was gonna buy aether wing kayle skin and just spam her, but they didn't make anything better. Just worse and more annoying. Melee early lvls, you can't do anything, can't AA during ult like before and you just die early game. She's even less interactive in lane than the old Kayle. Even playing her is more boring than before. You literally just sit and cs. She's harder to balance, she has a fuckin 58-60% in rate in games going past 30 mins.+ Like the fuck. I don't enjoy playing a champ, where you feel like you're doing something only after lvl 11 or 20 mins+, basically boring yourself to death for 20 mins for that one ray of sunshine that you can right click enemy team when you get some items. I know she's a "late game champ", but other late game champs aren't boring and useless until then.
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