When is ANYONE at riot going to address the awful new player experience?

My brother is trying to learn to play with a couple also brand new friends. I am watching, not smurfing with them, but trying to teach them (because apparently I am alone among the player base in not being a tremendous %%%%) and I feel like this experience might legally be considered a form of abusive hazing if taken to court. With three real new players every game, they have a 20% overall winrate and get demolished by abusive obnoxious smurfs every. Single. Game. At level 10 there is no light at the end of the tunnel in sight. Until they hit level 30, it seems they will not be allowed to play a single fair game of League of Legends. Oh, and speaking of not being allowed to play... One of them has already blown IP on tier 1 runes. I told them afterwards that they'd completely wasted everything they'd worked for and they very nearly just quit. The noob traps in this game are retarded and more toxic than any player. Oh and let's talk about dat IP wall. They've been playing regularly for a month. They haven't earned the IP for *one* 6300 champion. If I played WoW, and by level 40 hadn't earned a single item, I would probably quit. So let's chat, Riot. I want to hear someone defend the system that's actively screwing over these three new players. I want to ask how you feel about me telling them that sorry, the champion they liked last week won't bevavailable for two more months and they will never earn the IP for them before level 15, so unless they want to pay 10 bucks for less than 1% of the content of this game they're shit outta luck. UPDATE: Nearly five hundred up votes, 350 replies. Two months later and I still get notifications from this post. Some express sympathy, others frustration, some are actual new players looking for advice. I just thought, if anyone's still reading, that this might be a chance to provide a bit of an update and a reminder of what still needs to be done. First of all, my brother and his friends have all quit by this point. I'm sorry to say it since it was a nice way to catch up with a sibling I haven't had a ton of contact with since leaving for college, but it is what it is. They got burned out when their favorite champs would get rotated out of the free week and none of them could get them permanently, and I don't really blame them that much. Second, it wouldn't be fair of me not to remark on some of the progress that has been made since this post was created. The problem of T1 and T2 runes has largely been resolved and as a result a T1 page is very cheap and great practice for newbies to learn how to use them. I can definitely say fantastic job on that, Riot. But there's still a long way to go to make this game work for new players. Smurfing is still an enormous and pervasive problem and probably the toughest nut to crack. The fact that anyone can easily create an account where they do not need to care about punishment and they are matched with lower level players creates a huge amount of toxicity for new players to deal with right away. Additionally the problems the IP grind represents has not been addressed. While League is not necessarily "pay to play", the huge barrier that purchasing basic rune pages and champs represents turns away a massive number of new players. Finally, league lacks even some of the basic features that make a game welcoming to new players. There is only a rudimentary tutorial that does not cover even half of the vital systems the game depends on (items, who to pick for each role, stats, the jungle) and even gives players bad and confusing advice. For those that don't know, the tutorial takes place on howling abyss, shows the dragon in the opening moments, and instructs the player to build thornmail on Ashe. My only intention with this post was to open communication with riot for some kind of signal that these troubles are being actively considered. Months later we have no indication that any of this is even on the radar.
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