Way to fix Udyr

#_We all can agree on 2 things about Udyr:_ **A)** he was a monster in these previous seasons; due to both his AP/Runic build and his Devourer build. **B)** He already has a VU but it costs 30$ ____________________ Udyr is supposed to be something like a Juggernaut, but in any case he has fallen out of the line making a pure tank build not to feel relliable and making his AP build unviable, the only one that serves a good purpose is the tiger build.... and still. ____________ #**Way to fix:** **Tiger: **remains the same. **Turtle:** add a health scaling on the shield or even better, make the shield scale off with resistances (this stance has remained meaningless for too much time), change the life steal bonus into something that feels themathic, like a "Gras of the Undying" on hit or a bonus to resistances instead -cause so far as I am concerned, Udyr gets a lot of dueling power with Tiger + this Lifesteal + Warlords- just try it, it is kinda broken. _Indirect Nerf to Tiger._ **Bear:** reduce the duration of the stun to 0.60 seconds, add a slowing effect to this instance, so that there is something more than the stun for this to offer. **Phoenix:** add a max life % damage factor to it (on the dps damage), it doesn't have to scale too much or to be big, but it should compense for some of the damage lost lategame. Also make Phoenix deal something like 25% more damage to jungle monsters, to compense for the lost of his clear speed, specially for tank Udyr. __________ **Finally:** get real and update his ability icons, effects and make a VU to him, for real, how is it that you have these NICE icons on Spirit Guardian Udyr (only for Display when you buy Spirit Guardian on your account) and the shitty icons are still a thing on live Udyr. http://i.imgur.com/OqFxN4P.jpg #Get Real Riot
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