Why are junglers being punished for holding lanes?

Just played a game where my mid lane Lux died to zed level 4, me having my red smite, I went to cover mid, and I have to say, getting 4 gold per caster minion is really pushing it on the context of "why even bother". I understand that funneling wasn't really fun to watch via competitive play, and could really snowball a game in about 10 minutes, but come on now. You're telling me that I'm going to be punished as a jungler because you couldn't come up with a legitimate way of breaking this funneling system? At this point, I would rather just watch the mid tower fall to the ground if it means that I can stay relevant in the game, getting 12 gold total from the back line of minions in comparison to 100 gold from the scuttle crab is in no debate for me.
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