Tanks SUCKS, building armor feels horrible, champion that are not tank killers are tank killers.

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Why can she have the same amount of sustain I have? I had 248 armor, I MAXED W on malphite, why does she do soo much damage? She has the same amount of tankyness I have while building DAMAGE? ADC are suppose to counter tanks late game, but bruiser counter tanks early game? The only lane tanks can go is top lane? I don't understand whats the balance philosophy in this game. It is soo horribly BAD, she can tower dive me and kill me? I don't see mages countering Assassins mid lane, Tanks are suppose to counter bruiser top lane. Stop listening to hashinshin about tank being op, FIX YOUR GAME. IT SUCKS TO PLAY THIS SHIT EVERY SINGLE TIME. I want to play a TANK, why am I punish for building ARMOR? Whats the benefit of building ARMOR if you take soo much DAMAGE EVEN UNDER TOWER. Why is the turret range for TOP AND MID LANE soo short? Riven can E and AA and E back? Why is that even ALLOWED. Why is the armor runes only 6 armor why not 10? Why is cloth armor only 15 instead of 20? Why can AD champion have an easier time farming than TANKS? Have you try last hitting with a TANK? It feels horrible!
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