Riot needs to stop lying by saying that they don't balance around pro play

Come on - who do you think you're kidding? You have a whole bunch of champions basically unplayable outside of organized play living in their own microcosmos and which are not a part of the game the VAST MAJORITY (as in 99.9%) of your player base is playing. {{champion:113}} and {{champion:98}} are both garbage-tier outside of pro play. AT LEAST 50% of the balance changes made are aimed at what you see in pro play. Weak turrets, snowball, damage, baron etc. etc. are all the way they are thanks to this tiny segment of your game called pro play which much less than 1% of your player base engages in. But hey, if the game goes to shit because Riot refuses to listen, it's not going to affect us much. There are plenty of games out there. We ain't the ones losing our livelihood due to stubborness and greed-blinded eyes.
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