Riot - Your World's Pass Survey - I want to reiterate: The grind was awful.

So I got a survey last night asking if I bought the World's Pass, which I did. Then it asked what I disliked about the World's Pass/Event, and I said it was the grind. It was an insufferable grind to get to the Kai'Sa skin, complicated by the fact that a social holiday (Halloween) fell during the event and a general life with a job and friends and significant other meant that I could not sit at my computer and grind League 24/7 for the peanuts that the pass gave me per game. What more, the nature of the grind and sheer cost of the Kai'Sa skin meant that I had to give up a shit ton of other content from the event in order to have enough to purchase the Kai'Sa skin, which is not at all appealing when I have purchased the pass to give me supposedly unlimited access to tokens. I just hope that all of you who bought the pass have told them the same things - that the grind was horrible. I want them to learn that lesson, so they don't repeat it coming up with the Snowdown Event and the Prestige KDA Akali skin. This is especially important because the winter holidays mean that most people will be traveling and spending time at their family's houses, far from their computers where they can grind tokens. So please, Riot, don't make a mess of the Snowdown event. Don't make it another insufferable grind fest. Consider the holidays, consider people who have lives that require them to spend time not in the game. And everyone, make your voice heard if you get the survey and let them know not to give us another grind.
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