Lucian/Ashe main going to Dota2 for a bit of time

Listen to this: I wrote this thread in attempt to make Riot realise something. I do not think that Dota2 is better or anything like that in fact I fucking hate how boring some heroes are and I hate the mechanics of the game, sideshops and fontains in the jungle(shrines) are cancerous to me. But there is something in Dota that i can probably still find, something that disappeared from league. I am totally fine with other classes than marksmen going bot lane I do know that my main Lucian is broken right now But I still can't enjoy the game, **the reason is because of how a joke the carry role had become** Be it marksmen or something else (with the exception of few very overpowered pick) it does not feel like you're playing a carry at all. Because literally everyone, the 10 players in the game feel like transporting an atomic bomb. From the very begining i loved the carry role, it was always dominated by marksmen and i'm glad that other champions are seeing the light of the day in that role, but do you know what that role was? that role was farming for a long time, and then being the main damage dealing champion of the game. I don't know how it sounds, but farming was always a skill of that role, the real difference between a master tier and a challenger tier adc is their ability to get gold, the challenger player ALWAYS make a ton of incom way more than a master tier player. But right now it feels like nothing, it feels like you have kill pressure after lvl 3 no matter who you are (unless some exception) And the worst feeling is that even if you farmed, it feels like it doesn't matter because someone else can do what you ccan do because as i said EVERYONE carries an atomic bomb explain to me why the 0/5 brand can threaten my team as much as I can threaten their team? that's the second thing, even supports are dealing so much damage it's blowing the fuck out of me **WHY IS REKKLESS PLAYING KARMA AND JANNA BOT LANE, WHY IS THERE BRAUM MID IN MY GAMES OR TARIC MID?** why are supports scaling as hard as mages why are they playing 2 supports in every single pro game why are supports allowed to give their farm to kai sa jungle/whoever the fuck they want, and still be relevant because of support gold generation At first when Dopa said that supports were broken and that they make too much gold making midlaners irrelevant I thought it was a joke but then just today I realised this since when midlane is a bitch lane? why are they playing braum mid? why is midlaner picking an utility champion and giving their farm to their team **AND STILL BEING AS RELEVANT AS THE OTHER LANER**? but the most question is **why is everyone ok with this?** why are people ok with such a boring meta where supports are insanely overpowered outcrowding everyone except few picks like {{champion:142}} ? is it fun watching jizuke getting bullied as talon by lulu in lcs? are people thinking that it's ok for a {{champion:117}} to bully talon and later bring so much utility AND damage? this is why i chose for a while to step aside from league I do not feel rewarded for playing the gameplay i'm supposed to play, when someone else can be as relevant as me without doing anything in the game I do not feel fun when there is no role in this game this meta right now is a 5 carry meta, everyone deals a lot of damage, why should I be scarred of {{champion:497}} {{champion:40}} when i'm 40% health It became even more boring when {{summoner:12}} became mandatory bot lane I want league to feel like chess where you move different pieces, where there is a king to protect, or a king to kill with different strategies than "unleash everything" I want each individual to have clear different role in the game, not doing the same, not all carrying atomic bombs I don't want mages/assassins to deal as much damage as {{champion:117}} mid or other shit like that bigup to midlaners, your lane must be really fun to play right now
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