The degenerated state of the game is what makes 'feeding Sion' possible

THIS IS THE ULTIMATE BOOSTING STRATEGY! YOU DON'T NEED TO OUTPLAY ANYONE, ONLY RUN AT THE ENEMY TURRETS! LEAGUE OF LEGENDS SEASON 8 SION GAMEPLAY! INTENTIONALLY FEEDING SION STRATEGY! RUNES: Grasp of the undying, Demolish, Conditioning, Overgrowth, Gathering storm, Transcendence ; this is the only rune page he uses - disregard what I say in the video!
Its been a top post on reddit for some days now. This new boost strategy is completely retarded. I played with and against it today a couple of times since by now everyone seems to know about it. There simply is no counter against it. Sion will keep ulting your towers , proc demolish, use ZZ Rot and delete them. Killing him, even if you succeed, will not stop him from taking your turrets either. The whole problem still comes down to 2 things. Towers are wet paper and deal no damage, especially once you buy a bit of armor. The current pathetic state of towers is long overdue. The fact Riot didn't fixed them this entire season and last season is a fucking joke and someone needs to step up and be held accountable. The fact that they choose not to fix anything after the failed adc item rework was to not interfer with pro play and because people were really pissed off due to the high rate of changes to the game in general. But fixing turrest was something people have been asking for 2 years. The whole problem is that Riot just gave up on this season 3 months ago and didn't even procceed with the changes people were asking for so long because they got paralyzed with fear, lack of vision and leadership and said "we screwed up but fuck the players lets focus all our attention on pro play now because this season is broken beyond repair, better luck next preseason'. Heck they even stopped balancing the game (broken for months among others {{champion:145}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:12}}). At least they don't even pretend to balance the game any more. They just straight up admit to UNBALANCE the game and ENFORCE a cancerous meta to make the game more appealing and interesting with flashy 100-0 creepdamage and mobility outplay LC$ bigmoney to get more viewers for Worlds.
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