Plz revert aurelion sol

Plz, plz, plz, i started maining asol a few months back, and i like him so much so fucking much, then when i login today, i cant play him, he isnt unique anymore, much like every combo mages, very slow, HE ISNT FUN ANYMORE. I ask you plz, plz just read the comments everywhere, most of us are so disappointed, just talk to the asol mains and youll see. theses changes are removing my fun and i am currently uninstalling the game until they are reverted, and if they are not, ill have to get over league because these changes, and the reasons why they were made are pissing me off, A LOT! I ask you, with all my heart, and god knows how hard for me it is rn to stay calm and not cry, too plz come back to the old one and i will do anything back, ive spent a lot of time and money in this game, and this is the only thing i ask back after such engagment from my part in your game,

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