Guys riot is scamming me

Man, I swear Riot is scamming me. I was on my way to get out of the shithole elo that is bronze. I was gaining 27 lp per win until bronze 1-79lp, when rito hit me with 20lp out of no fucking where. Then, placed me in teams with trolls, greifers, afks, 2k pingers for 5 games in a row. It is as if Rito is intentionally placing me with these such players so I can't escape. One of the games, everyone in the game was silver 4+ expect me and this talon. The talon was BRONZE 5. He literally inted the entire game, had 11 cs in 20 min. Another game, I got a vayne who afked cuz her sup was like "imma back, play safe". Like can you make it any more obvious riot. No wonder, everyone is leaving this dying game.
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