After exactly 9 years...I quitted this night. I just can't stand it anymore!

Hello people, one of my name is Bardo Bard and after 9 years, I just quitted this game. It was a hot summer day in 2010 when I heard the recomendation of League of Legends. I just stopped one of these MapleStory players, a decent guy, mailed me about LoL. I loved it on the instant as my first character was Tristana. My account name was Zedek back then, which I lost my password too (account name is still known) as the password I use got truncated due to length and I forgot the trick I used to remember when it actually stopped (as I just typed in blindly into the censor dots). This is one of the first screenshots I took, in September 2010: I had so much of a blast that bought the DVD box version of the game. To buy Firefighter Tristana with the code on back of the manual as there was only credit cards available in "Season -1" and this way I could get some RP. I've seen everything: We had to report manually to Zenon the Stoic via eMail, I've seen the 3 hours of login queues in 2011, [See my login is "IceTea2010" and my super-long, limit-exceeding password^^) the server split, I fought the long Tryndamere ulti, the until-death Oracle potion, Xin and Olaf release. [666RP and 11337 IP] The game has a great artstyle, hence my Bard Bard account, I love the new Morgan and Ashe. LoL has this unique feature of simply talented artists. I despite those games that look like DC Comics, like Captain Americas and Wonderwomen...well, at least only a small share of them. I have bought Merchandise - nothing I regret as I love the style: But tonight, it really made me go on an unhealthy spree. Not the first time, but this time it was the straw that broke the camel's back. I was on a losing streak, very stupid games. Happens, next game will be better, right? Nope. They got worse and worse. I am sure many people check me anyways, but here you go: I tried to win one more game before going to bed. Now it is 4:20 AM. I need to push the SCRAM button. Quite a matching metaphor! During my loss streak, I went AFK once because I just... you know, could not endure this [No, Morgana, I won't any longer!]. I've been ACE twice. Should not happen, but it did because of my absolutely atricious trash noobs. When the game says "MATCH FOUND", I expect it to find something. The "Matches" consisted of me getting absolutely trash noobs, beginners with Heal and Ghost vs Level 150 and Level 106. (You can look up those games yourself, the Level 106 was Kai'Sa in the last game and the other was Diana). I will explain the last games: Before I do, I counted the dragons: The enemy did 13 dragons IIRC, My "teams": ZERO! My so-called junglers did not a single dragon in 6 games straight. * The first agme consisted of a mix that was winnable. You see the bars in Except that we could not get any turret. I was smiling this game off. I was ACE. * The next game, I had a 0/7/0 Riven that was a beginner. The enemy beginner is 11/00 and has a OP score of 9.1 Which is - Wow. "Could be a smurf". Is most probably a smurf. His account was last updated November 2015 before I did. Okay: Me: "Bad luck". Try again! * This game had me tilted so much because my Ziggs left after dying. My premade bottom lane (sending me top, but man, that is the fate of me) went unsalvagable 4/14. We would have lost it because of a Bad Ziggs and a bad premade. So 75% of my "team" are absolutely useless. Mind me: This was my first loss in a row. Should the matchmaking not start to work now to see that I need help with worse enemies? Nope: Next game, my 4th loss: * Enemy consists of a 5-premade!! My guys are all random. Yes, the 6/13 midlane, and the 3/16 support. Do not get fooled by Yi, he just started bobbing by being Yi, not by being good. So, my 4th game I had to face this Level 150 Diana (ironfetiman) in a 5-premade carrying them and I get 3/16 bottom laners. Okay, the "matchmaking" found another "Match": * This game was kinda close, but after a while you think: "Hey, where are the enemy leavers, the enemy feeders, the enemy feeding premades, where are my junglers doing dragons or my 4-premade steamrolling soloQ bobs?" My games are always close "matches", losing is done within the lobby already. Alright, next game, the "matchmaking" SHOULD find me a game now that is actually a match, with "fair and competitive" games - that is what RIOT says (and their support) in their matchmaking FAQ. 1. I have a Heal/Ghost beginner again, premade with my bad "ADC". Total bottom lane was 4/15, I was ACE. A G A I N! Absolutely noobstomp champs like Yasuo are usually useless when on my side... Dunning Kruger? No. Fact. The last game I thought for this night, I will win this... * After going 1-5 within short amount of time, I ALT+F4ed. My Miss Fortune is a heal/ghost beginner noob again, enemy consists of a Level 106 which actually did terrible considered the results. However, they Level 7 Ezreal did it. I see they had 3 dragsons, we zero, and zero turrets despite having a VAYNE and a MISS FORTUNE. Total dragon count on my side in these 7 games: Zero. None of these games gave me actually winnable situations. I found myself put at top (and being ACE!) because my guys want to to their stuff. Fine. I am happy with that. But now, I gave up. My Master 7 Bard with a fine KDA (means I do not die, I contribute by kills and assists and lots of wards), I pull my weight, but being given either absolutely trash feeders or 5-premades made me come to the conclusion that the matchmaking is rigged and manipulated. If I can't win like that, why would I bother? "Oh, you are good, here you get this 0/7/0 Riven". Oh, you lost? Well, next game: "Here you get bad noobs and a 5-man as enemy". As anyone with a bit of education, you can not explain this. Either the matchmaking is rigged or the MMR is useless, or both. Or the MMR is useless BECAUSE of this bad "matchmaking". But surely I should not go lose and lose and lose and lose and lose and lose while retaining a fine KDA and, yes, I repeat it one more time, go ACE as AP Bard like this. Skill does not matter. I could roll dice and get better "matches" - and rolling dice would say equally much about my skill. Nothing. I wonder why you people keep playing this game. With a rigged "matchmaking" like this, it's like playing with a bribed referee. I've lost 4 hours of my life in a free-fall "matchmaking" that is the pure description of ELO Hell: "The more you lose, the worse your mates get". A real matchmaking would softly drop me. And not kicking me further into the mud with noobs and premade as enemies. I am looking for a real game now, with a real matchmaking. I started to play STYX again, the stealth game about a foul-mouthed goblin. And when I steer my killer goblin into a pit or die anyhow, I still laugh and have fun because it was my fault. Dying in Styx means more fun than "playing" LoL. Go figure. EDIT: There is another EU West user called Zedek, but since I could not login, I lost my name during a name purge. So that is a different player.
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