Kog's reverted W: is the cooldown timing also reverted?

Old Kog's W cooldown (17 seconds) used to start counting **on activation**, meaning that without any reduction, you had... 8 seconds uptime followed by 9 seconds downtime. The machine-gun rework lowered the cooldown (13 - 7 seconds), reduced the duration to 6 seconds, and changed the timing to start counting **after duration ended**. So at max rank... 6 seconds uptime followed by 7 seconds downtime. Now it seems we're getting old W back, but I don't see anywhere in the PBE notes saying that the cooldown timing is reverted. If it hasn't been, this means... 8 seconds uptime followed by **17 seconds downtime** So... I sure hope they remembered to revert the timing back to on activation. Can anyone confirm on the PBE?
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