They destroyed AP Ezreal

I am AP Ezreal main. Ap Ezreal was the only champion that I could play now because Riot destroyed every single champs that I enjoyed playing including combo ryze, kat, Garen with old rune system, jinx, vayne the list goes on. Now that Riot destroyed my very last champion that I find joy in playing, I should be done here. There is no reason why I should stick around in this game where new game designers have totally destroyed the game to NOT fun place. Ap ezreal's w was op in that it can pass through as many units and do so much damage. Riot is stupid. Just wow. Just wow at how much that they destroyed this game. This is an utter disappointment as a diamond player for the last 4 seasons. League of Legend has became a dull place. It is not exciting and it is not fun anymore. With today's patch with Ap ezreal I lost all fun things from League of legends. I suppose I still have the Leblanc that they reverted back, but I dont find leblanc that op. I have told in my previous post that in League of legends, game is more fun when each champ is op, but I feel like Riot doesnt really understand what that means. What I mean is old combo ryze, old kat, old ap ez, old rune system that allows more creativity and options, old Jinx, old vayne.... sighh This game is now a disaster. I literally have no champion that I want to play. You guys totally ruined it. It is undescribable because I have been an avid fan for so many years. It is over. League of Legend is a dull game. What a shame and disgraceful. Riot's brain has rotted by fame.
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