Need help with ranked.

Hi guys, I've recently been really struggling to win my ranked games. I'm not about to blame it on my teammates, however I can't help but feel like I'm powerless in many of my games. One of the first issues is that I don't really know what I want to main. I've gone in and out of different roles (predominantly mid and jungle) but at the moment nothing is really working for me. At the moment I have been mostly playing jungle as I think this is my best role; however, sometimes I have games where I just wonder if actually I'm useless at jungle? I really don't know what's going wrong at the moment, but in so many games I feel it is impossible to win. I don't often feel like I can carry, either. Just wanted to add also: I don't flame. I used to be pretty toxic but I never talk anymore unless its to say 'gj' or 'ty'. Literally never flame for anything. I could really use some help deciding what role is best for me, and what you guys think I could be doing wrong in being unable to win more than 50% of my games. Currently Gold 4. ~~Brownie~~ Bot {{champion:254}} {{champion:121}}
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