I refuse to believe that this balance team is going to commit to fixing ADC's

one of these things will happen: 1) parallel compensation buffs negate any and all nerfs, resulting in the ADC general power level being unchanged. 2) Riot releases solid nerfs but then ADC mains break out of the wood-works in full force to cry, and riot hot-fix buffs ADC's back to being busted. 3) Riot changes nothing, and makes excuses "we're still working on bot lane" "we're not convinced there's a problem" "our data suggests adc is fine" 4) Riot just delays again "adc needs to be fixed but it won't happen until pre-season 9, we need to work on nerfing whatever counters adc's right now" the best case scenario is that Riot fixes adc's and does not hot-fix buff them afterwards. But once ADC mains realize the game no longer 100 percent revolves around them, we'll be battered by a new meme "Adc2k18" and they'll keep shouting Adc2k18 until riot eventually buffs it back to being completely broken, or the psychopathic adc mains quit the game. Let's be real, Riot will have to choose between keeping these fanatical delusional adc mains, or keeping the rest of us. and I bet they choose the adc mains.
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