Worse part about this game recently

Is with this garbage bullshit 1 shot meta, 1 team fight decides the whole match. Which in return, results in completely one sided match. Then you get held prisoner, by the 3 people that went 1/5 in 6 minutes. But you are the bad guy, for wanting to FF, so you can stop getting 4 man turret dived and 1 shotted by the people who are already an item and a half ahead. Of course that's about 15 minutes in the match, you haven't been able to do anything for the past 9 minutes, and will not be able to for the next however long you are held prisoner by your team mates. You can't CS/farm, you can't team fight, you can't contest objectives. All you can do is die under your turret till they destroy it simply because some people fed the game out of control before you even had a chance to leave your lane or even shove it in. It's just awful... Losses are absolutely fucking terrible now. And wins are barely better, because you do the saaaame exact thing that happened to you. Regardless of the mode... 5v5, 3v3, ranked or normals. Even nexus blitz. When you are held prisoner, in a game that is completely already snowballed and out of control, it is just no fucking fun. But your the bad guy, when you want to FF so you can stop getting 1 shotted by the people you didn't feed in the first place... Sigh... So hard to enjoy this shit now. Even Nexus Blitz gets ruined by how 1 sided and snowbally shit is. It's ridiculous. "It's just nexus blitz, chill". All i said is i want to FF, what's not chill about that.... I just don't really feel like dying 5 more times because you somehow find fun in getting 1 shotted by the fucking people you fed! Of course, i don't say anything like that, because that's "toxic". IDK, i don't enjoy being 1 shotted. And i sure as hell don't enjoy playing a 1 sided match. And i sure as fuck don't enjoy dying countless times instead of moving on to the next match, because somehow, the people who are 1/7 and 1/8 and 1/10 are finding joy, in not being able to do a god damn thing. What's enjoyable about that? i don't get it... I really don't. And never will. I mean you could argue that they are trying to "learn". But at the same time, you can argue that you can't really learn jack shit, by dying over and over under your turret. The point of learning has already passed at that point, and you are stuck with the punishment of your mistakes early on. To sum it up, QQQQ to the Q, and please stop holding me prisoner if you fed the match out of control!. K? Thanks...
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