Ranked players in a queue

I believe that there should be a bracket system that keeps a ranked player from playing with someone that isn't ranked, I know it CAN be done but may never be done. This would allow newer players a chance to learn the game and not get rofl stomped into the ground because a douche bag high ranked decided to "play with friends" when they aren't even above level 10, knowing the queue system to use it to their advantage. This should be a thought to be fixed. Ex: Bronze can queue with anyone of any level (non-ranked), Silver cant queue with anyone less then level 25, Gold and plat cant queue with anyone unranked, due to the unbalanced of knowing they will have the advantage of knowing the game more then a new player and therefore pub stomp and the new players get reported for being salty due to what I believe to be a very bad queue system. This is just a suggestion, and i believe it can be done, the same system is implemented to keep anyone not level 30 from playing ranked or 25 playing team builder, so I know this isn't to far out of reach of a possible queue system change.

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