shouldn't mastery levels give BE and not take them?

Usually In games, milestones are rewarded. And I consider champion mastery levels as a milestone, So why there is no reward? And before you say that the level itself is the reward, Stop for a moment and think how fucked up it is. I'm currently holding on multiple level 6 upgrades, just because the only prize upgrading gives Is the ability to buy level 7 emote on this particular champion. the emote is not even a prize!! You still have to pay BE to get it. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} In my opinion it would be more encouraging to play new champions if the milestones are properly rewarded, Instead of being penalized by -3000 BE. Maybe make the upgrade automatically and give the emote as a reward, or OE or BE, Honestly even discount on that champion skins will be a nice reward for certain players
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