It is going to take forever to unlock 6300 champs now. Roughly every 150 games played.

After leveling I got 810 BE worth of value. My average game I am getting about 150 xp. To get to level 32 I will need to play 17 games and as I get higher in level it will take more games. That means the amount of Blue Essence we are all getting per game is the most it will be. Right now I am getting about 48 BE every summoner's rift game(I used to get about 60 ip per Aram). If it were to stay that amount(48) it would take 132 games to get a 6300 champ;however, the xp it takes to level increases as you get a higher level. So realistically we are looking at about 150 games for a 6300 champion of your choice.

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