Dynamic que vs. the old que

Since dynamic que is down right now, i went ahead and played a match... Lets just say it didn't go well. I asked for adc because i main adc. Well we had a duo bot who were both higher in the pick order then me, so i still got a decent role that I liked which was jungle... OF COURSE the enemy adc gets first blood and a double kill before my first jungle clear. Together this "duo bot" went a total of 3/12 in the game. It's safe to say I literally HATE the old que, Dynamic que is so much better!!! it is so much easier to carry when i get the role that i want And yes my Primary would be Bot and secondary would be Jungle, but the fact that i get my role 90% of the time as Primary i don't lose. I usually play jungle to have fun, but i play ADC to win and climb you can tell by my win rate at the position. So now I refuse to play another game until Dynamic que is back up. Also i am talking about ranked. So OVERALL I was 50/50 for dynamic que, but experiencing the Before/After and now that riot has mostly fixed the que times and less people are starting to dodge because I think they are finally getting the feel for it and probably because they don't want it to count as a loss. But it's safe to say I am 100% for Dynamic que and hate the old que
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