I love that you nerfed Ornn, I hate how you did it.

Ornn at launch was one of the most skill-intensive tank champions in the game. Every update since has chipped away at that, leaving him just as annoyingly braindead as his cohorts. A lot of changes have been made to Ornn since release, many of which could have arguable positive or negative effects on his difficulty, but today I want to focus on just a few changes he's received that have made Ornn a significantly simpler champion. 7.17 Sept. 1st Hotfix * W Range and Width increased by 50 * W self slow reduced These changes made Ornn's positioning when casting his W much less important, and made landing the important final spurt much easier. 7.20 * R2 cast time removed. This was massive. I know it definitely "feels" better to use now, but it also means that Ornn no longer has to predict his enemies movements in order to land R2, and dodging it basically requires a dash or flash. 8.2 * Ornn no longer is unstoppable during W While the other changes dropped the skill floor, this one lowered the skill ceiling. No longer does Ornn have the ability to "dodge" CCs with his W. Him being unstoppable during his W was a cool, thematically relevant mechanic that good Ornn players could use in ways bad Ornn players wouldn't think about. 8.4 * E damage increased, now can only do damage once. While its nice that they are lowering the overall damage of the ability, this change just makes it so bad Ornns who only land the charge will be doing _more_ damage. It took skill to land both the charge and the knockup, and now good Ornn players who could do that won't be rewarded for it. All in all, while I'm glad that he's been getting changes, I'm annoyed at how they continue to lower both his skill floor and ceiling. When Ornn was revealed, I was excited to see what I thought was a new direction for tanks, with higher skill requirements, and more rewarding gameplay. But after all these changes I worry he won't feel any different from any other top lane tank. I don't feel like any of these more difficult mechanics have been problems for Ornn. I don't think they were the reason he was weak at launch, and I don't think they were the reason he was broken a few patches later. It just seems like these mechanics have been sacrificed for nothing.

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