Please ADD more features to Practice Tool

Come on riot it's been years since you've added this system, for a lot of players testing out different builds, runes and just fooling around in the Practice Tool is a lot of fun. Sadly there's so many features that are lacking that could make it a lot more interesting. - Let us invite at least one other person. This would really help with testing out certain builds vs certain champions or even pitting the same champions against one another to figure out what builds come out on top. - Let us change the stats of the dummy manually or add items to it- If it's too complicated to allow another player in the practice tool, at least give us the option to manually set up a realistic target dummy, what's the point of it showing stats like DPS when it's completely skewed by %hp damage and the dummy having 100 resistances. - Add a dummy that can actually attack so we can test out the resistances as well as the damage There's probably a lot more that could be done to improve it overall but at least allowing you to test things out properly, which is the whole purpose of the practice tool is a good start.
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