The Shen buffs are nice...but...

They arent really in the right spots. I've been playing Shen for quite a bit, I enjoy him too. I honestly do consider maining him. Here's the thing with Shen, before the buffs his damage was honestly fine. He could keep up in damage with quite a few characters that are meta in the top lane if you played him well enough. What he needs is more durability. Playing Shen is so difficult right now due to all the main meta champs in top being pretty much his biggest counters. Mordekaiser, Darius, Riven, Illaoi, just to name a few. He just got a new one with the new Pantheon, even. Shen's position is so niche that it's extremely difficult to play him unless both your composition and the enemy's composition calls for it. If you're going to buff Shen, buffing his passive or his R would be where the buffs are most needed. All this buff did was return Shen to a spot he was ages ago, and even then he wasnt that great. He's simply too niche. Unless you're some kind of master, there are nearly always better choices than Shen in nearly ever scenario.
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