So is there a bug that makes 95% of players incapable of using a keyboard in champ select?

So I had a crazy thought today, bear with me here, if someone doesn't choose their champion and you ask if they're going ap or ad (now this is where it get's insane, you need at least an i7 processor and 16gb ram for this trick) you answer with "AD" or "AP" INSANE! I KNOW! I'm not sure how the coding works but I've seen it done before. Sarcasm aside, why can't someone just answer a simple question in order to help their team out? "maybe they don't know" then answer "idk" can you people not stay silent? It's so annoying when I have a full ad team and the enemy team all build thornmail, I don't think I'm asking much by requesting an answer to my question.
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