Please Remove Evelynn's W Audio Effects on Enemy Champions

Please remove how having Evelynn's W cast on you pretty much mutes all other sound effects. I rely heavily on audio cues (as I imagine many players do) and the way that her W almost mutes every other sound effect denies me those audio cues. How is this a fair mechanic? It's not even part of the intended mechanics in her W's tooltip. If you wanted to cuck players in this way; to add a new cc-like gameplay mechanic that denies them audio cues then I would consider it reasonable. But that doesn't even appear to be the intent. I can understand the CC element of her W, which is an actual "fair" mechanic in terms of gameplay, but why should it also deny me audio cues? There's a reason I don't play league with sound effects muted. Please comment on/address this issue. EDIT: Please note that I'm not actually asking for the removal of this audio cue from Evelynn's W. I think it's great to have an audio cue for when you are cursed by her W. I simply do not believe it should lower the volume of other effects, especially my own champion's ability sound effects.
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