9.24 Conqueror nerfs for ranged users

I think the nerfs are definitely undoubtedly deserved but this is an overnerf just for nerf's sake. I mean, 8% healing for 6 seconds stacks is way too much. A very reasonable nerf would be something around 12% healing for 6 seconds OR 10% healing for 8 seconds. This should work but what RIOT is doing, is a pure overnerf. Yeah, with the original changes, the rune became THE BEST for Swain and Cassiopeia, certainly Top 2 or 3 for Ryze, Xayah, Twitch, Kindred (if not the best for her) and Vlad (I am sure I am forgetting some) but this would not only make the rune worse for them - it will make it UNPLAYABLE for them. And what RIOT should do, is keep the rune reasonably playable for them and have it not as op as it is now.
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