Does Jax Need a Rework?

Jax, the Grandmaster at Arms. He's been pretty well known by the League community for being ~~either decent or god-tier broken~~ a pretty old champion. Which raises the question: does Jax need a rework? Maybe by looking at him in-game we can get an idea. (TL;DR at end) **Visuals:** Ok, Jax isn't the prettiest champion in the game, nor does he have cool particles. I mean, look at this: Is this the kind of champion you want to see in game? He's a walking, talking eggplant and his model is super outdated. Compare it to his splash art: You can already see that the model is hideous compared to this splash art. It's the whole Shyvana thing all over again. The in-game quality looks even worse when compared to the Jax shown in the A New Dawn video: Look at this! Jax is supposed to be a real master of weapons, and this design shows that he can, and WILL, fuck you up. (Well, unless you're Nautilus) **Gameplay:** Jax has a simple kit, as he was meant to have. I mean, he has an attack speed steroid, a targeted jump, an attack enhancer, dodge chance with a stun, and just bonus defenses. Remember who else had a simple kit? Taric, now look at him. Jax's kit isn't the most fun in the game; it's not fancy and other champions can do his job just as well. We all know people love the fancy, flashy playmakers like Yasuo. Don't lie, Riot, we know you have a thing for Yasuo; it's why he won't get changes. ...ANYWAYS, this isn't about Yasuo, it's about Jax. Jax's kit needs a change to give him a reason to be picked, be it for special niches the champion has or just pure fun. Having all your abilities being targeted on yourself or one enemy isn't an exciting kit. **How Should Jax Play:** My idea is that Jax **should** keep a fairly simple kit, but make it for those learning the game. And when I say learning I don't mean just for the Jax player to learn, but his opponent as well. Give Jax aimed abilities, give him windows of power, make him teach people what champions can do. He should stay a hybrid champion that teaches the basics of the game. **What Abilities Should He Get?** A sort of paper kit I made was this: PASSIVE: Same as it is now, to give him a still useful jungle clear and power in combat, Q: Works more like Zac's jump, but with less range and Jax can move while charging it. W: Jax's next attack or jump is enhanced. The next attack does magic damage in a circle around the target (think Ravenous Hydra/Tiamat). The next jump strike has a long range magic damage AOE combined with the standard AOE. E: Jax dodges the next incoming champion/large monster attack or ability. When he dodges it he deals damage in an area around him and can recast the ability for a short dash. (By short, think like about the range of his attack range) R: Passive bonus damage every third strike. Active gives the bonus defenses, but weaker than their current state. Jax is surrounded by 4 shields which each block a basic attack from champions once per shield. (Reverse Fiora ult) The idea is that this kit gives Jax and his enemy something to think about. Does Jax want to put his W into his Q for all the damage at once, or save it so he doesn't waste the damage if he misses? Does Jax even want to use his Q, or just block an attack and use the dodge? When should Jax ult to block the most damage? What about the enemy; when should they try fighting Jax? How long should they trade with Jax for? Do they need an ally to fight him? Jax should be for learning the game; learning the basics of fighting other champions. I feel that with some fine-tuning, a rework could give him that identity. TL;DR: Jax's visuals are outdated, his kit doesn't have anything special, and he should be made for teaching people the basics of the game.
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