This game becomes worse every time

{{champion:142}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:518}} __Since the release of Zoe every new champion that got released including Zoe is straight up a cancerous champion that deals way too much damage and 3 of 4 of them are mobile af {{champion:142}} hits you with a bubble and then one-shots you, also steals your summoner spells {{champion:145}} deals magic and physical damage can become invisible and has gap closer ultimate that also shields her and she is Marksman... {{champion:555}} A Garen which turns out to has better passive and Execute but Is played as a Mid or Support...mostly {{champion:518}} Her E is not stopped by minions she can transform to one of her allies and set you a trap, her ultimate is AoE stun that deals massive damage and shields for stupid amount... And now we are getting Sylas - a chamion that can steal your Ultimate, Dash with a stunning gap closer if It hits you...__

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