Remember when i said Senna ADC should be nerfed because it will be broken despite what Riot says? Yeah well, would you look at that Her ADC winrate is between 52 - 54%, skyrocketing to almost 60% if you look at the Top Senna Players' average. Statistics suggest she has THE strongest earlygame as an ADC combined with the SAFEST. I repeat what I said back then, her sustain and utility is too strong for someone who is meant to be a pyke with tits copypasta. Her Heal should apply to herself on more strict conditions, such as hitting both an ally AND an Enemy with her Q, her R shouldn't shield her unless she actually hits an enemy champion with the Ability and her E should only stealth allies and NOT her. She should either be focused on high risk high reward, which would perserve her damage and hit her Utility, making her an ADC, or she should be a low damage, lenient backline healing, engage-denying enchanter which would mean reduce damage and focus on her Utility. Senna right now has every wet dream tool to be an adc, and people aknowledge her ADC role too. Her Support Winrates completely fade in comparison with only a 52% tops. (yet even then she maintains rank 1 amongst Supports this patch). Imagine a single champion being rank 1 on both playable roles in bot lane in the same patch, and meta apologists will still claim she is fine. God I am sick of being ignored just to come back with a fat, condescending "I told you so" post.
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