The damage reduction from Knight's Vow and Phantom Dancer need to not stack.

We don't need to start a {{item:3046}} + {{item:3812}} + support's Knight's Vow meta that makes ADCs take nearly 40% reduced damage that you can't mitigate in any way. Imagine this with the support's new 600+ shield {{item:3190}} on ADCs late game. _**Edit1**: They'll be taking 52%+ reduced damage, even if you include Lethality late game, unless you can afford to take 4 Lethality items+runes/masteries. With Abyssal being changed, most mage's will be forced to utilize Void Staff much earlier in the game just to have a chance at killing ADCs. If they build Merc's, Murcurial, or Maw, GG _ _ **Edit2**: Yes, I know Void Staff does not affect raw damage reduction. I was referring to it in regards to the 30 base MR's mitigation, which was effectively just made much stronger on ADCs. Then on top of that Mercs and Maw or Mercurial._
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