Ghostcrawler et al on the Trinity Force Podcast

Episode 214 - "Ghostcrawler, Khoopa, RoamingNumeral Discuss Patch 4.20, Season 5, and More!" - Trinity Force Podcast - League of Legends Podcast
Riot game designers Ghostcrawler, Khoopa, and RoamingNumeral come on the Trinity Force Podcast to discuss Patch 4.20, pre-season 5, and more!! Time Stamps: 2:00- Introductions 3:10- Give us your thoughts on Season 5 and what you envisioned for it. While looking into changing the jungle, the towers, the baron, the dragon, and more, what was ...
I recently listened to the above podcast and it has some interesting insights into the minds of the game designers at Riot games. The whole thing was great, and I like that developers give us these insights. However there are a few points that I wish had been discussed a bit more, because I don't feel like they gave full and coherent answers. At minutes 5-15, they discussed that there may be too much vision in the game. However, even in S4 gaining vision around just around Baron or Dragon is an investment of all your vision resources. Now lategame you really need to have vision on both (already difficult), but we want to reduce vision? Another concern, discussed a bit, Minute 40 is Riot's goal for increased jungle diversity. My concern here isn't that this is a bad goal, but that it has been the stated goal for seasons 3 and 4, both of which had less diverse jungler champion pools than season 2. It seems that in every season since S2, the jungle has been made harder, and jungle items more important, and diversity has decreased. S5 is an even harder jungle, with even more important jungle items. How is this a coherent strategy? Lastly, pick bans, was discussed (too briefly) at 74 mins+. Here I think the devs simply were wrong about how picks/bans affect champion diversity and composition diversity. Their first stated concern is that players can't play niche champions. Sorry to say, but that is true 100% of the time if you allow for bans, it should be a non-factor in designing the system, because you can't avoid it without just going to pure blind pick in competitive. More concerning, however, was that a dev stated that DOTA style pick/ban meant you could shut down whole strategies with 1 ban. The fact is, this is a fundamental misunderstanding of DOTA. You can OPEN UP entire strategies with a ban in DOTA, and thus they have a far more diverse competitive champion (and strategy) pool in competitive DOTA. If anything, this is where I would love clarification, because it seems to me that they are making their decisions on this based on conclusions that are the opposite of what actually happens in another game. Cheers!
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