Elemental Dragons: A R9K Concern

Two things I&#039;d love to see clarified and/or changed. First: Let Earth Dragons be DEFENSIVE. I'd be far more interested in the ability to amplify my own towers and base. We need something to combat the dive-game, and an Earth dragon is the perfect ticket. Second: If the dragon spawns are random, and if we can get at most ~5 spawns before 35m, then won't this system inevitable result in certain comps just being lucky based upon which dragons spawned? Let's say, for example, that you're a comp that relies heavily on movement speed based initiation. If the Air Dragon spawns first, your team just won the lottery, but if it spawns 4th, you can get at MOST one. Isn't that a bit of an unfortunate reality which negates strategic play? Or is the lottery intended? EDIT: I would like to note that I definitely love the direction this is taking. No matter how it plays out, it will make for a more engaging, and better, Rift. EDIT2: I can't change the title of the post... very annoying how it swapped to R9K instead of RNG... I think you might have some board bugs Rito. <3
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