Finally Saying Goodbye

You know, I really used to enjoy this game and enjoyed playing it with my friends. But Im pretty sure this game has changed me for the worst because of the toxic community and frustrating gameplay. I used to be so level headed and chill. Now I am just angry and I think a lot of it has to do with this game. But, before I leave, can someone try and explain something to me? Why does riot feel that it is a good idea to pair two smurfs on the same team who have a win steak of 7 games, vs 4 people who are on a losing streak of at least 5.? Does something not say "Hm, these guys are doing very well, lets match them with others who are doing well!". Instead its like "Yo, these dues have gotten rekt 9 games in a row, wouldnt it be funny if we put them against a bunch of people who havent lost a game???". Because yes, that really picks our spirits up. Thanks for some good memories Riot, but fix your game please so it stops giving people cancer.
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