just go back to the drawing board with jungle solutions

the exp nerfs are just a terrible idea, i dont understand why they keep trying to nerf jg exp all its done is make more problems every single time they've done it an this change already screams rushed and not thought through, the actual issue is level 2 jgers and jungle difference when one is ahead, these exp nerfs are just going to make these problems WORSE while shoving champions like shyvanna and rammus deeper into the hole they're already in maybe address the fact that jg camps take nothing to clear and have absurd timers for how easy they are to take, jgers have TOO MUCH DOWNTIME and are forced to try to counter jg or gank because of it just to not fall behind because of how little exp camps already give gutting it even more isnt gonna help the problem its just promoting it farther, making jungle leads over solo laners smaller isnt gonna change the roles natural map pressure nor is it gonna make the difference between the jger thats ahead and the one thats behind smaller jgers will still: have a giant impact on how hard it can snowball other laners, have too much downtime to gank, have the power to make your jger useless, be funneled into level 2 gankers and early game jgers being the only ones meta. just listen to people that play what your changing and realize how bad this idea is, jg needs nerfs but this is just not the way to do it nor is it gonna be effective in anything but making thr role more gank reliant and even more of a problem for laners
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