Level 1 Darius ult kinda sucks

Honestly, its pathetic. level 1 Darius ult does less damage than his Q, and is better used as a gapcloser or a passive extender, or even as a set up to **LAND** his Q. I always wondered why the damage wasn't buffed. Then I played against a Darius as Kled. I understood Darius is supposed to be oppressive, but I was annialated. Ironically, I love playing Darius, yet despite maining him and knowing all his weaknesses, I struggle immensely to fight him. There were many times where I escaped with 100 hp, simply because level 1 Darius ult is that bad. After this match, it made me realized why some champions don't get buffs or problem fixes. I just wish other players would see it that way too.
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