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I need an intellectual conversation here. I am a mediocre d4 support main who was very ecstatic about hitting diamond this season. Sadly I was not one of the lucky few who got that nice LP boost at the beginning which caused a lot of players to get high up yaddie daddie da not the point. I entered diamond 4 gaining +20 lp with a 57% wr and for a player who is not a pro or on a traditional "carry position" I would say I do fine for myself. However, I have been dreading playing rank lately. I hit diamond 4 and I go from gaining 20 lp to 13! And now I lose 22 a game! I have to have a 75% wr to gain any form of lp!!! No problem right? I find a nice duo partner and believe it or not around 9 games later I am in promos and I hit diamond 3. PogChamp. Well unfortunately just like everyone I eventually demoted. And my first game back in Diamond 4 I lost 22 lp my top laner. Went 0/8 in lane. _A DIAMOND PLAYER_! And I get these types of players in my game constantly. I understand players have bad games. But how am I expected to win 75% of my games if not more to climb? Please, anyone, explain how a 54%-57% wr player is supposed to get anywhere especially when players like that occur in my game I would say every 1 in 5. I am not trying to cry and say Riot Lp system is bugged. However, Surely someone over 50% wr should be able to climb the ladder right? I see players with 45% and lower in Master tier.
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