Annie rework ideas

Disclaimer, I understand Annie is in a pretty good spot and a good champion for beginner to start with. I was looking at the skins i had yesterday and I find Annie's skins doesnt have that much visual effects, and there isn't much to work with either since her skills are instant with minimal special effect. Passive, Annie's abilities other than E leaves a **[Fire Trail]** of fire for 2 seconds that does small amount of damage and slows the enemies. Q, Annie charges up a fire ball, on second cast she throws the fire ball in the targeted direct and leaves behind a **[Fire Trail]**. the fire ball will go throw minions and explode when it reach the max distance or hits an enemy. W, Annie quickly slaims the ground with fire, causing a AOE damage in a circle and leaves **[Fire Trail]** within the area. E, Annie Resonance with the **[Fire Trail]**s, consumes all the **[Fire Trail]** on the ground and fire them at a targeted enemy dealing damage based on the amount of **[Fire Trail]** and slow. if the enemy is standing on the **[Fire Trail]**, they will be stunned. R, idk, tibbers? Maybe more interactions? changes her kit when tibber is alive and stuff? maybe better animation? Last but not least, Pajama Guardian Annie When?{{sticker:sg-jinx}}
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