What are your thoughts on the Aatrox Rework and the current state of Aatrox?

https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/9/92/Aatrox_OriginalSkin.jpg Image showing that statistically Aatrox is the second worst Top Laner. https://i.imgur.com/uUvfb6I.png[] https://i.imgur.com/GCEdOu4.png[] I think the rework wasn't really successful personally, having his whole damage centered around one ability and having his other abilities help him land his main damaging ability isn't really a healthy design (looking at you Zoe). https://i.imgur.com/cHpMrya.png[] When you look at those AD Ratios, it is something that can easily cause concern, in terms of balance. And because of this design that is centered around one ability that deals a lot of damage, he has been continuously being nerfed to the point where this champion no longer resembles anything remotely similar to what Aatrox is supposed to be... ###A Heavy Sustain based Fighter Now all that Aatrox is able to do is dish out a ton of damage but heal almost nothing in the process (even with the combination of Ravenous Hunter, his E, and Death's Dance) the sustain is incomparable to old Aatrox. If he were able to sustain for instance with all of these resources, he still couldn't benefit from them because of how openly Grievous Wounds is everywhere and the fact that his Q casting can be interrupted due to it's long casting/animation time. >*** ##During the release of the Rework... I recall how everyone was calling out his Rework Design a clone version of Riven. I wanted to deny it but this Rework doesn't really feel fresh or original, because parts of his abilities already exist on some other champions kits... His ultimate is the only thing that exists, that resembles a small part of previous iteration of Aatrox. * Aatrox Q = Riven Q * Aatrox W = Viktor W * Aatrox E = Riven E / Silas E / almost Graves E (except it grants AD for a few secs in Aatrox's case) >*** ##What are your personal thoughts on all this?
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