Please Do Something About the Smurfing Problem In League of Legends

This is not a thread to demonize all smurfs just putting that out there. So let me begin my discussion with some facts and links to the definitions of the words I will use. Words that might be confusing or not well understood. Smurfing (For Online Gaming)- Now before we go any further into my thread and discussion please read the definition of a gaming smurf and why it is considered a bad practice in gaming. First I would like to say thank you for commenting and reading my thread because all voices matter for a truly objective discussion and the goals the community would like to make as a whole. Now let us get down to the meat of what I am talking about. So gaming and people are not perfect especially when mixed together in competitive games or even just the random new player who wants to learn and be satisfied with the core elements of a game. Now that includes the player and the game when I am talking about reducing the amount of smurfs. If you read the definition of a smurf it can be anyone who has had more experience in a game and decides to make another account for easier wins. This could also mean someone who just hits level 30 and didn't like their rank this season and decides to take out his or her anger on new players with a new account. Yes it can happen because it happens in all tiers of play. Just look at pro streamers. Now I did say I am not going to demonize or call out smurfing as a whole because in certain cases smurfing can be used for good. It can be used for coaching new players into the game mechanics and calmly teaching them what it means to be a team player and what a build path is and what it can do to increase your chance of success. I do not promote the use of smurfs when they just carry a game without the major assistance of a teammate. First it ruins the experience for half the players and maybe even more if the smurf is toxic to their own and it doesn't teach the new players jack squat if he or she either wins or losses. Smurfing this way is all about selfish gain and dishonorable sportsmanship. It is like playing dodge ball when one or maybe even three of your teammates are dressed up as toddlers when they are fully grown adults playing against probably other adults dressed as toddlers on the other team as well just crushing the actually toddlers who are new to the game. It doesn't help the toddlers grow it just embroils them to be like you, an unsportsmanlike player who doesn't care for the games integrity or for the fun of the game. Now if you are reading this thread and you are one of the small few who want to teach new players and keep them wanting to learn more then I salute you but let us all try to find a way to get selfish smurfs reduced in our gaming community. Be the bigger man and play the support role if you are not new on a new account. It helps bring new players together with experienced ones and overall makes for a more positive atmosphere for all players with all differing experiences. Don't be that guy who goes Zed or Yasuo and destroys games and uploads them to YouTube because you think that is fun to watch. Be that inspiring support who helps teach the game and makes new friends along the way. Gaming is much more fun when you play as a team not as a selfish smurf who only wants to make others time a waste. Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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