Please Please PLEASE Nerf Lucian

35.8% Play rate with a 52.2% Winrate. He has a fucking one item power spike {{item:3153}}, if he gets this he can realistically start one shotting half the champion pool and seriously hurting the beefier half. Hes hard to catch because of his dashes/move speed buffs and the fact that he can just R while you chase him to deal 50% of your god damn hp before you even run out of it. He deals alot of damage early/mid/late game. He doesnt follow regular ADC items for half his build so he has literally been immune to the item nerfs, moreover he has been directly buffed (when his skin came out wow) a couple of times. Hes too powerful at the moment. Have his passive second shot start at a lower damage and/or apply on hit effects for 50% of the damage, just nerfing his early game would be enough, I dont mind getting bursted by an Adc mid/late game. But not at 16 minutes when all he has is {{item:3153}}. On a side note reverting his AD buff scalings on things like his Q would be nice too.
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