Kayle Ban strategy, SUPER OP

So here's a trick that anyone with a brain figured out but I'm saying it here so something maybe changes. THE STRAT: 1. In champ select, make sure you know for a fact your team is picking Kayle or not. 2,A. If your team is picking BAN HER. She is freelo. 2,B. If your team is not picking, leave her open for the other team to pick. 3,A. Play as normal, do your best! 3,B. When playing, always go for Kayle early and get your easy kills and gold. 4. Play game, try to win. Now that we've had a laugh, however true, I'm posting this from another thread to highlight the problems with Kayle more in depth; Put her in any role and she gets shit on. There is nowhere she is good. Put her against the TRULY meta junglers; {{champion:64}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:141}} No chance for level 6, much less level 11. These are common junglers, front loaded kits, great itemization, natural bulk/damage combined with mobility. There's zero chance. Let's put her top now; {{champion:122}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:114}} Common picks that she will be helpless against. Without any ability to trade she can't farm, without the ability to freeze, she CANNOT farm safely, if she cannot farm she doesn't scale. Next mid; {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:142}} It's not happening. Out maneuvered and out damaged in every conceivable way. Bot? Don't make me laugh... {{champion:236}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:81}} Support? LOOOOL {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:412}} Every single champion listed ensures greater and greater chances of a fast win, even at low elos. Each on craps all over {{champion:10}} and can exploit her lack of presence for easy gold. Good luck banning anything to help Kayle in game, you'd have to ban most of the roster at that point. Riot, you have failed again.
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