How do i feel about climbing?

I've climbed to g2 in this season now, and it feels like i might hit plat for the first time this season. it almost feels too easy. Like, from last year i don't feel like I've improved. This makes me believe even harder in elo hell. Like, maybe i was a g2 or p4-3 player, but elo hell - shit teammates and bad luck - were keeping me in s4-3. Years ago i dropped to bronze from silver and was stuck there. Back then I felt like I didn't get worse, but i was still dropping in elo. Now it's like the reverse. I don't think I'm any better but I'm higher in elo. This isn't about elo hell though. Am i actually improving? Is ranked really easier this season? is it really a joke this season? Do the new ranks make it so this is just the new silver 4? like what is up? I was excited, but now i don't know how to feel about it.
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