@Meddler, regarding your statement about Rylais

>Meddler (NA) - about 6 hours ago Rylai's is also on the list of items we'll be changing in pre-season. At present it's too universal a choice, whereas we'd prefer extra CC be something with more of a trade off to it. Not yet sure if that'll mean lowering it's damage (more of a tanky/utility thing), lowering it's health (making it a squishy kite option) or some alternate approach (making it only work with certain spell types or something like that). While I absolutely think Rylais is in dire need of changes this statement left a really icky feeling in my gut, especially the second option about making it a squishy kiting option. There's already a lack of mana less hp+ap options and once again nerfing Rylais' HP would really hurt those champions who always wanted it for the mix of defense and offense and NOT those who simply built it because of its huge amount of AP. Rylais should, IMO be the defensive utility option (Rylai is a support after all) that should be consciously built in order to make you provide more utility to your team and allow you to become a bit more durable with its slows and health. Though the last point of making it only work on certain spells seems interesting too though it's bound to screw over some champions. In the end any changes to rylais WILL have consequences and impact some of its users either positively or negatively, knowing this I'm anxious to see what exactly you'll be planning to do to the item and IF some champions get dumpstered by it ({{champion:82}} ) you're going to give them the attention they need. -MM

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